The new HTC Vive Pro Eye headset comes with integrated eye tracking

Helen Aguilar
January 11, 2019

In conjunction with a ton of other VR announcements, HTC today revealed a new eye-tracking variant of its $799 Vive Pro virtual reality headset. Other than that, the Vive Pro Eye has all the same specs that the Vive Pro does.

The Vive Cosmos is the other new VR headset unveiled by HTC which has a more mass-market appeal to it and is designed easily of use and module-based customization in mind.

For this device, HTC made new VIVE controllers work seamlessly with VIVE tracking system.

With the introduction of Cosmos, HTC aims to redefine how VR is accessed by offering a headset that is quick to setup and use and can be taken on the go to new play environments. The Vive Pro Eye will release this spring. From load-up of Home to the time you shut the headset down for the night, Vive Reality will be the new Vive experience.

As for the AWS partnership, HTC said it will integrate Sumerian with Viveport for publishing VR content and applications.

As seen in, HTC executive Dan O'Brien confirmed that Nvidia is collaborating with HTC to help VR developers apply variable rate shading, a feature built into new RTX-series graphics cards, to games and apps.

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This was presented as more of a professional tool, highlighting how BMW is using it to test where users look when checking out a "new" vehicle in VR, but consumers will be more interested in what's coming next. It also unveiled the Vive Reality System - a re-imagination of Vive core software that includes a virtual world called Origin for socialising, video viewing and game playing.

The all-new VIVE controllers.

We don't know if the Vive Cosmos will ship ready for untethered use or it will reply on the "ever-increasing suite of modular customizations", mentioned in an email to HEXUS, for such functionality.

While the Vive Pro Eye is aimed at the enterprise segment, the Cosmos will target enthusiasts.

This headset also comes with "foveated rendering" which will supposedly give you better visual quality by moving the images to wherever you look. This is what is known as "inside-out tracking", which is something Oculus is using on its upcoming Quest headset.

HTC VIVE™, the leader in room-scale Virtual Reality (VR), today announced a first of its kind collaboration with Mozilla's Firefox, AWS's Amazon Sumerian, and Fidelity Investments that will enable consumers to bring VR into their everyday life by providing an immersive web browsing experience in VR.

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