Amazon: Tech Giant, Amazon, Debuts New Service For Building Blockchain

Florence Lopez
December 1, 2018

"By removing common challenges associated with reinforcement learning, giving developers the chance to have some fun, and providing them a complete autonomous model racing auto along with AWS machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker, we are putting every developer in position to experiment with reinforcement learning and machine learning".

Amazon has taken the opportunity of re:Invent 2018 to present AWS Outposts to the business community- a method by which AWS cloud platform can be taken- literally- to the enterprise's own data center. "There just isn't a lot of value in that type of on-premises offering and that's why these solutions aren't getting much traction", said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS.

The company said on its blog that the Authority to Operate on AWS program includes training, tools, pre-built Cloud Formation templates and control implementation details and pre-built artifacts, as well as direct guidance from AWS consulting and technology partners, including GitHub, RedHat, Splunk, the Center for Internet Security and Coalfire. It's trained using reinforcement learning, an AI technique that means the auto will learn to drive better through trial and error.

The new service helps healthcare professionals improve clinical decision support, streamline revenue cycle and clinical trials management, and better meet data privacy and HIPAA requirements.

Personalization has always been at the forefront of Amazon's business strategy.

Many machine learning models need data that has been labeled, or preclassified.

The problem with ML today is that most companies do not know what they want to do with it. "And then also the capabilities being there so that you can do it more easily", he explained. "You want Amazon learning on someone else's nickel, but I don't expect the learning curve for them to be a long one given the experience they have acquired".

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"When I first heard the announcement about AWS DeepRacer in the keynote, I was totally pumped and thought it was a great way to get people interested and started in reinforcement learning". I think this is going to be a big area.

About a year ago, AWS chief executive officer, discarded any form of interest in blockchain services. Amazon Managed Blockchain reportedly makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks using the popular, open source Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks.

"Until now, developers interested in experimenting with reinforcement learning had to study academic papers and cobble together models with limited help".

"Reinforcement learning is enabling innovation in machine learning and robotics", said Brad Porter, VP and distinguished engineer of Amazon Robotics.

"With QLDB, the change history of your data is immutable meaning it can not be deleted or altered- and by making use of cryptography, you will be able to easily verify the fact that there have not been any unintended changes to the data of your application". "For instance, earlier this year, we showed a robot that was able to play beer pong using some of these techniques and we're excited to continue to explore these opportunities in partnership collaboration with AWS", Porter added. One way AWS is doing that is through AWS Inferentia. a machine learning inference chip, custom designed by AWS to deliver high throughput, low latency inference performance at an extremely low cost.

The new service will come with VMWare-designed software which effectively mixes two technologies now favored by enterprise, but not necessarily deployed in their entireties- cloud and virtualization. Each use case, from videos, music, products, news articles, has its own specificities, which require a unique mix of data, algorithms, and optimisations.

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