David Mundell launches attack on Boris Johnson

Geneva Stokes
October 3, 2018

Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson made what was seen as a blatant pitch to replace Prime Minister Theresa May as leader, damning her Brexit plans while calling for their party to regain its confidence.

At the annual conference of the Conservative Party, to which both Mr. Johnson and Mrs.

In one of the most important speeches of her career, the Prime Minister will seek to rally her fractious party behind her by declaring that Britain's post-Brexit future is "full of promise".

"Boris always puts on a good show, but what matters to people is what we are delivering for them on the things that affect their day to day lives", she told Sky News.

"If we cheat the electorate, and Chequers is a cheat, we will escalate the sense of mistrust", he said.

Mr Johnson said that Mrs May's blueprint - which ties Britain to a common rulebook with the European Union for trade in goods - would be "politically humiliating for a £2 trillion economy" and would prevent the United Kingdom from making its own laws and subject it to the directives of Brussels.

Mr Johnson's demand for the PM to "chuck Chequers" has echoed around the corridors and fringe meetings at a gathering riven by profound differences over the best approach to Britain's European Union withdrawal.

The reports quoted party sources as saying they feared having Mr Johnson in Downing Street would damage the party's recent revival in Scotland.

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"We can not, must not and will not let this weaselly cabal of superannuated Marxists and Hugo Chavez-admiring, anti-semitism-condoning Kremlin apologists anywhere near the government of this country".

In what may be seen as a swipe at Mrs May's focus on righting "burning injustices" in society, he will urge the party not to "ape Corbyn" but to "take basic conservative ideas and fit them to the problems of today".

Mr Mundell added: "I don't think this is a time to be talking about leadership challenges, it is a time to be supporting our prime minister as she takes forward this incredibly hard task of getting a deal with the EU".

Hard Brexit backers - led by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson - consider the plan a sellout of Brexit because it keeps Britain tied to the EU.

His fellow Scottish Conservative MP, Ross Thomson, was among those to greet Mr Johnson at the event. "We need to support the Prime Minister, but we're out to change the policy". "That is not what we voted for", he said.

Ian Livermore, 65, from south Gloucestershire said the speech was "superb" and showed why Johnson should be leader.

"He is absolutely right about the threat that Chequers poses to our democracy, our country and ultimately the fortunes of the Conservative Party if we stick with it", Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker, said.

While Mr Johnson's Brexit message was greeted with the greatest rapture, his attack on the opposition Labour Party and calls for the Conservatives to return to the party's traditional values of low tax and strong policing were also enthusiastically received.

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