Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 reportedly catches fire in woman's purse

Helen Aguilar
September 18, 2018

One customer who placed their Galaxy Note 9 pre-order on August 11 says they keep being given different explanations for the ordeal.

According to the report, the woman claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 had gotten extremely hot while she was using it.

Samsung sent out invitations Friday for an October 11 event to launch a new mobile device under its Galaxy line. When the elevator reached the lobby and the doors opened, she kicked the phone out.

A NY woman has launched a lawsuit against Samsung after her Galaxy Note 9 "became extremely hot" and began emitting thick smoke.

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 fiasco is something Samsung has tried to put behind it.

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The incident Chung recalled in her lawsuit came close to two years after a spate of battery-related issues led to the discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

"We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note 9 device and we are investigating the matter", a Samsung spokesman was quoted as saying, the New York Post said. Chung has now sought ban on the sales of Galaxy Note 9 in the United States, according to her lawsuit filed in the Queens Supreme Court. It was then that her bag started smoking, at which point she dropped the contents of her bag on the elevator floor and started punching buttons in panic, the smoke clouding her view. Soon after that, she heard a weird noise from her bag which she described as "whistling and screeching" sounds. Then a Samaritan picked it with close and extinguished the fire with a bucket of water. Several cases of Note 7 smartphone catching fire were reportede from across the world, forcing the company to dump 2.5 million devices.

In an email to PCMag, Samsung said it's looking into the incident.

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's release in August, the company's mobile head, D.J. Koh, assured consumers that the device's battery is "safer than ever".

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