Fraser Heath investigating outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Surrey, B.C.

Florence Lopez
September 5, 2018

A cautionary warning has been issued to the people most at risk of contracting the disease to stay away from this area.

Tenants say they are frustrated with the city's Department of Health for not telling them sooner about two cases of Legionnaires' disease in their building.

The owner of Sands Resort could not be reached for comment yesterday, but in a statement delivered to reporters outside the hotel, ownership questioned tests done by the CDC.

Currently, state officials, along with those from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are working to identify a potential source of the bacteria in New Hampshire.

According to the New Hampshire HHS, one person has died and 14 have become sick in the outbreak.

The 14 victims are believed to have acquired their infections between early June and mid-August.

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According to the state health division, Legionnaires' disease is a potentially serious bacterial pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria.

Another disease which has made its presence felt for quite some time in the United States is the one caused due to West Nile virus, which has resulted in around a dozen communities in Boston-area being listed as high-risk, after a fourth-case of the virus was discovered.

Most cases of Legionnaires' disease can be traced to plumbing systems where conditions are favorable for Legionella growth, such as cooling towers, whirlpool spas, hot tubs, humidifiers, hot water tanks, and evaporative condensers of large air-conditioning systems.

Bagley said this particular bacterial infection can not be passed from person-to-person. However, individuals who are at a higher risk of the disease should continue to take steps to protect their health, which includes postponing a visit to the area if they are concerned about their health. The disease is not contracted through swimming or drinking water.

Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and resemble symptoms often found in cases of pneumonia.

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