California lawmakers pass stiffest net neutrality law in US

Devin Lawrence
September 2, 2018

Public Knowledge welcomes the bill and applauds California's net neutrality activists for urging their state lawmakers to protect consumers over broadband providers.

For months, net neutrality proponents have advocated for the bill's passage-the bill would bar internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking, speeding up, or slowing down internet traffic-and have called it a "gold standard" bill for states looking to pass laws in light of the FCC's decision previous year.

The infamous bartender's cry - "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" - may now come at 4 AM rather than 2 AM, if California Gov.

California's legislation restores net neutrality regulations first imposed by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015, during the Obama administration. However, the bill took on considerable changes in the ensuing process, so it needed to be returned to the Senate for another vote after it passed in the State Assembly earlier this week.

The legislation will now proceed to the governor's desk for a signature in the coming weeks. Thirty states have introduced Bills to ensure net neutrality. It would prohibit, for example, AT&T from exempting videos from CNN or other outlets it owns from a monthly data cap that applies to competitors.

The bills all go to Democratic Gov.

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"These bills share a common goal: to provide more certainty to innovators in California that their use of blockchain is not only permissible but encouraged", Calderon said, indicating the sunset provision will give lawmakers a chance to "evaluate the efficacy of SB 838" and update the definition of blockchain with guidance from the working group.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was a longtime critic of the federal net neutrality rules.

After Pai was appointed by President Donald Trump past year to head the FCC, one of his first acts was a plan to roll back the Obama-era regulations.

"New York has already committed to follow what California does", Ernesto Falcon, legislative counsel for internet advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said Thursday. 1906 by Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin (D), won a final vote of 48-14 in the Assembly Aug. 30 to accept Senate amendments. He said the new bill "undercuts California's long history as a vibrant catalyst for innovation and technology".

Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council, a faith-based group that helped organize opposition by local, state, and national organizations and individuals, called Low's decision an answer to opponents' prayers.

"Internet users are still royally pissed off about the FCC's repeal", Greer said in a statement following Friday's vote.

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