Amazon said to release eight new Alexa devices before year’s end

Helen Aguilar
September 19, 2018

Now, a CNBC report states that Amazon is "doubling down" on its Alexa-powered devices, as it plans to release at least eight new voice-controlled hardware devices before the end of the year. But we can also expect an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer, and an in-car device, among others.

The report arrives via CNBC who says they've learned of the new devices, as well as an upcoming event, thanks to details in internal documents.

Not content with its existing range of Alexa voice-controlled speakers such as the Dot and Echo 2, Amazon is now gunning for the hi-fi market proper according to CBNC. Amazon reportedly has a minimum of 8 Alexa-based hardware devices in the pipeline, all of them now unannounced, that will potentially be available to purchase for the holidays.

Alexa is Amazon's virtual assistant, which competes with Google Assistant. Now, it seems Amazon is hoping to take things a step further with a clutch of new devices.

What the "in-car gadget" wasn't described, but the report noted that Garmin Ltd. now offers an Alexa-enabled dash cam.

Image Source Google
Image Source Google

Amazon could be planning to seriously beef up its line of Alexa-enabled devices. By partnering with smart home installation companies, Amazon can make its Alexa-powered devices more readily available in new homes.

Earlier this year, Amazon acquired the smart doorbell maker Ring, which also makes devices that are compatible with Alexa. Of course, there are rumours that Amazon is also building robots for the home.

Having its own home appliances also opens up a new sales channel for Amazon. Sonos, for example, has a similar business model, as it said in its quarterly filing that it relies on "custom installers of home audio systems for a significant portion of our sale". If CNBC's report is correct, it's clear that Amazon wants some of those products to be under its own umbrella even if that means expanding into new categories like kitchen appliances.

Amazon is showing signs of accelerating partnerships with home builders.

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