Where/When to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower this Weekend

Carlton Robbins
August 11, 2018

Starting tonight and through the weekend, Shenandoah National Park will be hosting the "Night Sky Festival", with space-related activities, and a front row seat to a meteor shower.

You'll want to ensure you're under a dark enough sky to see as many stars as possible.

"Residents of the Northern Hemisphere including Qatar will have a good chance to observe the Perseid meteor shower", QCH astronomer expert Dr Beshir Marzouk explained. For the best viewing, make sure you get away from city lights. Gather a group of friends and sit in different directions, so it will be easier for you to find the radiant, i.e. the spot in the sky where all the meteors radiate from. When the Earth approaches the stream of debris, the Perseid meteor shower appears.

The meteor shower started to break out into the night sky around mid-July and will carry on through to the last week of August. The Slooh.com webcast, which you can also follow here at the Slooh website, will offer live commentary and views of the annual meteor shower. The weekend looks warm and muggy with plenty of sunshine, though a few folks could see an isolated T'storm on Saturday afternoon and night.

Perseid meteors pose no threat to Earth, as many of them burn up in the atmosphere more than 50 miles above the surface. From our perspective, the meteors all seem to come from a single point called the "radiant", but that's because they are moving parallel to each other.

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During this period, a small number of meteors will streak across the starry skies. Because of this, meteor rates could be as high as 200 per hour.

Allow about 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Meteor showers are named after the constellation of stars the meteors radiate from.

This year, Europe and North America will have the best views.

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