Trevor Noah: 'Omarosa! How Can You Say That About The President ... ?'

Eloise Marshall
August 14, 2018

Trump's attacks began after Omarosa revealed that she secretly recorded Trump's Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, as Kelly fired her in the Situation Room this past January.

He began: "It is one of the great ironies of all time that the Trump presidency has given us more books than ever before, which is a insane thing because this is a guy whose favorite thing to read is the Hooters T-shirt".

In another tweet he mused: "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn't work out".

Omarosa also proceeded to inform me that she had officially submitted her resignation to General Kelly and that I should promptly do the same before the audio surfaced. In her book "Unhinged", Manigault Newman cites unnamed sources saying the president was recorded using the "N-word" repeatedly on the reality show.

In his tweets, Mr Trump said that he had spoken with the British producer of The Apprentice, Mark Burnett, who "called to say that there are NO TAPES of the Apprentice where I used such a bad and disgusting word as attributed by Wacky and Deranged Omarosa".

Trump has denied that such a recording exists, and that such as word is even "in my vocabulary".

"What's weird about this is that Omarosa is presenting these tapes as evidence she was treated unfairly", Noah said, referencing her claims that her conversation with Kelly constituted a threat.

Trump later hit back at a claim Manigault Newman made in a series of media interviews where she alleged the President used a racial slur on the set of "The Apprentice". Neither the White House nor campaign immediately replied to TPM's requests for comment.

He tweeted Monday that Omarosa "never made it, never will" adding she was "vicious, but not smart".

"Instead of telling the truth about all the good President Trump and his administration are doing to make America safe and prosperous, this book is riddled with lies and false accusations", she said in a statement.

Manigault Newman, he noted, has a new book going on sale.

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Colbert had a slightly different take on Trump's tweet about the news "legitimizing" Omarosa, noting that there's a tiny problem with how much of the media has been dismissing her as an unreliable figure. Donald Trump presented the show, and Manigault Newman was one of the people competing on it.

"It's an outrage", Andy Wright, an associate legal counsel in the Obama White House, told TPM. "This is somebody I've known since 2003", Manigault Newman said. I wonder if he did this to people who got fired from 'The Apprentice.' If he also called them, he's like, "Hey Gary (Busey), I just saw last night's episode, what happened?!" And when I can tell my story, it is a profound story, that I know the world will want to hear.

"She's out-Trumping Trump right now", the source added, before losing his train of thought in a fit of laughter.

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic, called the president's language "unbecoming" and said fellow Republicans "should not be okay with it".

Manigault Newman's exit does highlight the lack of diversity among Trump's top aides. The former reality television star was the highest-ranking black employee in the White House.

Noah: "It is one of the great ironies of all time that the Trump presidency has given us more books than ever before". So it seemed only natural after Trump entered the White House that she would be asked to occupy an equally elevated if vague position there: director of communications in the White House's public liaison office. For example, Trump's former personal aide John McEntee, who was removed from his job in April, went to the campaign.

Prof O'Connor admits everything that occurs in Mr Trump's White House should be taken with a "grain of salt", but says it's still important to take this latest incident seriously.

It was not clear exactly what he was referring to. "We've all signed them in the West Wing".

"But he continued it in a very, very derogatory way", she said.

Manigault Newman provided audio to NBC, which aired portions of her recording during the interview.

"She's certainly violating national security regulations, which I think have the force of law", Giuliani said. She throws out, for instance, that she "heard" Trump was having a sexual relationship with evangelical leader Paula White. "You can't hire people to work in the most powerful office in the world paid by taxpayers, and then when they turn on you say 'That person's a insane liar, no one should trust them, '" he said.

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