Doom Eternal Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Helen Aguilar
August 11, 2018

The gameplay footage also showed the Doom Guy picking up an extra life, which is something that the team did not expand on during the presentation but is worth keeping an eye on.

Bethesda and id Software have given a first glimpse at the Doom sequel in action and revealed a Dark Souls style invasion option.

As the footage has not been uploaded to YouTube separately just yet, the above video of the QuakeCon livestream will have to suffice for now.

One last thing before I wrap this up is the fact Doom Eternal is headed to Nintendo Switch.

Upgraded guns were also shown off, including the Super Shotgun's new Meat Hoot attachment that pulls the Slayer towards demons, letting you get up close and personal before blowing them to bits.

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The expanded toolbox will come in quite handy in DOOM Eternal, which features twice as many demons as its predecessor. There was a claw of some kind that dug into surfaces, but we'll have to wait for more information in the near future. Some are new, others are old - and thanks to the new "destructible demon" feature, some can be torn into itty-bitty chunks. It's actually my new favorite FPS game after the original 1993 Doom.

"We could make it so you could grapple to anything, but it might, in the context of a Doom game, turn it into ... something where it gets a little out of control".

After 2016's incredible Doom reboot, we've been left wondering what the franchise's next big move is.

If you're a Doom fan, Doom Eternal will be sure to blow you away. While its emphasis on finishing attacks was a twist to the classic gameplay, it fit in well with an over-the-top story that could fit on the back of a box (back when we still had those). There'll be new weapons, enemies, and even worlds. Id hasn't said whether Doom Eternal will have a traditional multiplayer mode like Doom 2016 did, but honestly, this sounds a lot better.

Doom Eternal is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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