Trump supporters urge Walmart boycott over 'Impeach 45' clothing

Devin Lawrence
July 4, 2018

The "Impeach 45" apparel line at Walmart stores has led to calls for shoppers to boycott the retail giant from supporters of President Donald Trump, USA Today and other sources report.

As of early Tuesday morning, the "Impeach 45" clothing was still available on Walmart's website.

Fortune credits Ryan Fournier, chairman of Students for Trump, with the discovery of the t-shirts for sale and the call for a boycott that followed.

Ironically, the manufacturer who is responsible for these highly-contested shirts have also sold merchandise that is staunchly Pro-Trump, having mass-produced "Make America Great Again" hats in the past.

The items, sold by third-party seller Old Glory, have since been removed from the website.

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There are a few companies selling Impeach 45 apparel, including the company Old Glory. We have reached out to Walmart for comment, and will update this story with more details when the company responds.

Walmart has caused outrage over its apparel before.

Walmart has been targeted before by angry shoppers after controversial items have appeared on the platform. In November 2017, the company stopped selling a shirt that read "Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" was listed on its website through an outside company.

"Wow! Walmart reveals it's true colors and promotes POTUS45 impeachment with disgusting T-Shirt".

Teespring had their shirts pulled off the Walmart website days later.

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