Theresa May: Trump told me to sue the EU

Geneva Stokes
July 15, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump's criticism of British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit policies has damaged the so-called special relationship between the two nations, an expert has said.

May's interview on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning came as she fights to keep alive her plan for Brexit in the face of opposition from a number of Tory MPs.

Mrs May revealed the United States president's advice on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. "Sue the EU. Not go into negotiations - sue them".

During the news conference, Trump claimed he didn't criticize May over Brexit and said he had a "lot of respect" for her.

President Trump is calling the report on his own comments in an interview with a British newspaper "fake news", a day after The Sun published a number of his remarks about British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"But this solution - half in/half out - won't work, won't end the argument and will simply mean a confused outcome in which we continue to abide by Europe's rules whilst losing our say over them".

She, of course, had much invested in the success of the visit and so badly wants Mr Trump's support for her Brexit strategy that she went along with his usual defence of blaming journalists.

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But even if Britain can extricate itself from the dense web of regulations and tariffs resulting from its decades of European Union membership, a US-UK trade deal would be easier said than done.

After hours of talks at her Chequers country residence she appeared to have won over her cabinet, but just two days later David Davis resigned as Brexit secretary, followed by her foreign minister, Boris Johnson, the next day.

In a scathing article in the Sunday Express, Mr Rees-Mogg suggested there had been an attempt to "gull Brexiteers", warning it had "broken trust".

What do her critics say? "Don't walk away from those negotiations because then you'll be stuck".

He said May's plans to bind Britain's economy closely to its European partners after Brexit would "probably kill" its hopes of a U.S. trade deal. "Let me be clear".

"The European Commission' proposals that it put forward were no good". While there was a small pro-Trump rally that took place in London on Saturday, that was after his interview with the Daily Mail.

"Faced with that we had an option". "The idea that we would park our rights and privileges and freedoms because it may cause offence to a USA president, I think people in London and the United Kingdom would find objectionable as indeed would Americans", he said.

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