IOS 12 'doubles down' on performance

Helen Aguilar
June 5, 2018

Apple made the announcement at its WWDC developers conference, which is being held at San Jose, California.

The company stated that 81% of active iOS devices are now running the latest version of iOS, and it expects this trend to continue.

Apple did not officially announce an iOS 12 release date, but given the software usually launches around the time of new iPhone models in September, you can probably expect it then.

These moves from Apple come after strong voices from its own investors calling for Apple to focus on healthy use of its products. Last year, Apple released iOS 11 public beta less than two weeks after the keynote.

USDZ was developed in collaboration with Pixar, and according to Craig Federighi, Apple's software chief, the company is working with leading companies for 3D tools and 3D libraries to bring support for USDZ.

Meanwhile, Measure is a neat new built-in app that uses augmented reality in a very practical way by, well, measuring real-world objects. The demonstration highlighted several features from ARKit 2, including the improved rendering, persistent tracking, and multiplayer capability. Users will also be able to search by business or place names, or even events such as a concert.

You can now assign phrases to Siri with other apps to help the digital assistant answer commands faster.

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An example is saying "where are my keys" to have an app open which locates your auto keys. Among the biggest is the ability to link together a number of different actions through a new feature called Siri shortcuts.

Siri suggestions allows the digital assistant to learn from user behavior. Siri will also start anticipating your needs, so if, for example, you're running late, it'll ask you if you need to send an apology text. Yup, Dark Mode is coming to macOS this year, but not to iOS 12 on the iPhone or iPad. As part of all this, there is a new Shortcuts app by Apple. Daily and weekly reports will track notifications, indicate the time spent in individual apps, and even note how often users are picking up their devices. They can set time limits on specific apps. You can set limits on how much time your kids use the phone, limit access to all or certain apps and only let them use it at certain times.

But, more importantly, grouped notifications are happening.

Apple said its popular FaceTime service can now include up to 32 people in a video call. Finally, an iOS update wouldn't be complete without updates to emoji, messaging, and FaceTime.

FaceTime has also been integrated into Messages, so a group message can be turned into a group FaceTime call.

Both Bloomberg and Axios recently reported that Apple's software division wants to focus on performance and reliability issues for iOS 12.

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