Fortnite Missile Launch: What Time Is the Fortnite Rocket Launching?

Helen Aguilar
June 30, 2018

As they gear up for Season 5, players got to get in on the celebration with an incredible missile launch in-game, the very same that was discovered shortly after Season 4 went live!

Ans it's believed that something is a season ending missile strike.

In addition to the countdown timer, Fortnite players have started to hear a warning siren near the lair.

The rocket - which can be found in the villain lair - will seemingly launch when the timer hits zero, which is at 6.30pm United Kingdom time on June 30. With the one-time event now over, let's discuss the changes it made to the Battle Royale map.

Recently uncovered map images appear to show the rocket missing from its silo in the super villain lair. Today, Epic posted a thread to Reddit that said it was still working to resolve the issues and that it would have another update at 12:00 PM Eastern.

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Introduced as part of yesterday's v4.5 update to Fortnite, Playground is a limited time mode where up to four players are able to drop into a map together, experiment with weapons and building, shoot each other with minimal effect, and basically just learn to play the game better without fearing having to start queuing for a match over again from the start.

Epic developers took to reddit to explain what Fornite's latest LTM needs, and why it's proved such a strain on the server. We want to give you a heads up on the exact ending time.

"This strained the system, which affected matchmaking times for regular game modes too".

Ideally, that would make for matches with more combat-heavy finales, as teams try to reduce their opponents' numbers rather than just stake out the ideal high ground.

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