Scotland parliament rejects Brexit legislation; potential for constitutional clash with London

Geneva Stokes
May 17, 2018

But Scottish Brexit Minister Mike Russell said this will "not be the end of the process", as the two governments aim to settle their long-running dispute over where powers returning to the United Kingdom post-Brexit should be held.

Challenged by SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford at Prime Minister's Questions, Mrs May said the Withdrawal Bill "respects devolution and lets us maintain the integrity of our own common market".

Refusing to give its consent to a piece of Whitehall legislation will "certainly be a first" for the Scottish Parliament, says the BBC's Scotland editor Sarah Smith, "but one that can be overcome by Westminster".

The UK voted as a whole to leave the European Union in June 2016, but Scotland voted to remain.

Britain's Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell speaks at the Conservative Party's conference in Manchester Thomson Reuters LONDON (Reuters) - The Scottish parliament refused consent for Britain's flagship Brexit legislation on Tuesday, pushing Britain into constitutionally uncharted territory as London presses ahead with the bill regardless. The vote is not legally binding, but it puts May in a tricky situation.

The U.K. government can go forward with Brexit without Scotland's consent.

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The Scottish government has urged the Parliament in Edinburgh to refuse "legislative consent" for the highly contested EU (Withdrawal) Bill now being debated by lawmakers in London.

"The Scottish issue is just one among many headaches", Akash Paun, senior fellow at the Institute for Government in London told Bloomberg.

And he said Scottish government proposals for resolving the "very technical issue which has become the focal point of an unnecessary row" would effectively allow the Holyrood to veto measures which applied across the whole of the UK.

In the end, deputies supported the decision on disagreement with the British bill of Brexit 93 votes, against 30.

The Scottish Parliament and Westminster have been at loggerheads for months over how to manage European Union powers that will return to Britain after Brexit, including over state aid for industry, genetically modified crops policy, fishing quotas and farm subsidies, after ministers in London made a series of concessions brokered by the Scottish Conservatives.

The Welsh government agreed to give its consent to the Bill last month but Nicola Sturgeon's government at Holyrood has rejected what it characterises as a unilateral power grab.

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