IPhone X users facing rear camera, Face ID issues

Carlton Robbins
May 7, 2018

But if the relationship between the faulty rear camera and issue with the Face ID doesn't make sense, several user complaints have pointed out that for some reason both components fail at the same time.

Apple Stores and authorized service providers have reportedly received new guidelines when it comes to dealing with the iPhone X Face ID issue. It's not illogical to be on toes for what could be a potential game-changer, but before that, the company needs to mitigate its latest iOS update troubles.

Before bringing the phone in for fix, Apple has advised customers to "disconnect or power off any Bluetooth headsets or other audio accessories connected to their iPhone to see if that alleviates the problem".

Apple's document instructs employees to first run a diagnostics test, and this ought to clear up whether the device requires any repairs to the rear camera. If the diagnostic software returns a message such as "accessory not supported" or "device could not detect dock" then it asks tech guys to start working on fixing the microphone issue. The problem could only be resolved permanently by sending the iPhone to authorised service centres.

Face ID appears to be fool proofed
Face ID appears to be fool proofed

Apple is addressing a problem with the iPhone X's Face ID - the best facial recognition technology in smartphones - where users would get an error saying "Face ID is not available, try again later".

It's a good thing that Apple is replacing the whole iPhone X unit marred with the Face ID issue. You may be in line to receive a brand-new iPhone X replacement phone.

The Redditor received a new phone to replace the iPhone X with Face ID issues, and the new internal document reveals that the process is now formalized. The new Battery Health Monitor introduced in this update also was slightly problematic for the battery issues. Apple always had high hopes for the iPhone X even when the analysts were on the verge of dismissing the mega-sized phone for raking in a lower than expected sales number. The iOS 11.3.1 was severely causing harm to the battery life, charging and heat generation in iPhones.

IPhone X owners who have been experiencing Face ID issues may be in line to receive a new iPhone X instead of a fix, according to an internal document.

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